Worst relation mistakes The Worst Relationship Mistakes You Can Make Craigslist

Worst relation mistakes
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 Breaking The Mold
There are quite a few things that people do to hurt their relationships. No one necessarily sets out to do these things, but sometimes they just happen. Some people learn from these mistakes, but others just can’t quite seem to break the mold.

Being in a relationship, especially when you’re just starting to date, can be a pretty daunting task. You might be questioning some things and have no clue what to do in certain situations. Even if you’re an experienced dater, there may be points where you can’t seem to figure out what has been going wrong.

Have no fear, below is a sample of the common mistakes made in relationships. Take a peek and see if you’re guilty of any.

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 The Mistakes
Getting jealous around the other sex.

Your guy/girl is allowed to talk to the other sex. End of story. It is the matter in which they do that that will warrant your response to the situation. If he/she is casually talking to someone, then you can’t be mad about that. Would you want them to flip out on you for doing the same thing? Probably not, so let’s try to avoid doing that.
If they are flirting with this person then you definitely have a right to say something. Just harmful chit chat though? You need to check your self-esteem and try to be more confident. No one wants to be with someone who is insecure and has jealousy issues.

Being passive aggressive.
How annoying is it when a person is obviously mad, but they try to play it off like they’re not? Doing the whole “I’m not mad,” yet being grumpy thing is only going to cause further issues with your guy or girl. Do this constantly and eventually it will blow up in your face. Just try to relax and calmly discuss the problem with your partner. If you need to take a few minutes or even hours to collect yourself, do it. You’ll save yourself the pain of dealing with an angry boyfriend or girlfriend later on.

Constantly nagging.
No one enjoys listening to someone nag…and nag…and nag. Women are guilty of it, but so are men. No one is perfect and eventually your guy or girl will mess up. There’s no need to constantly remind them of their mistakes. There’s also no need to constantly remind them to take out the garbage or wash their dishes or what have you. Once, maybe even twice is ok. Just don’t make it a common occurrence because guess what? They will get annoyed at you. You would do the same thing. If you really want to see a change in behavior, again just try to calmly talk about it and come to a common ground.

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 Keep that little gem in mind
Taking your anger out on your boyfriend or girlfriend.
Everyone has bad days, but you can’t take your anger out on your boyfriend or girlfriend. Something might pop up in your life, be it a hard time at work or a fight with your best friend, but you can’t let it take a toll on your relationship. You just have to take a chill pill and realize that there is someone else in the ring with you. You’re not alone, so don’t make your boyfriend or girlfriend your own personal punching bag.

Thinking they can read your mind.
Your boyfriend or girlfriend is not a mind reader and if they are kudos to them. We can’t just assume our partners will know what we are thinking or what we want. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: communication is important. If something is upsetting you or you would like to see a change in your relationship, you need to let your significant other know otherwise things won’t change. Also important to remember: some people will never change. Just keep that little gem in mind.

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